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Our 2016 - 2017 Program Assistants

We have a number of Program Assistants (PAs) who work with the Canskate Program.
PAs hold the CanSkate program together. They are experienced skaters who volunteer
to assist the professional coaches during the CanSkate sessions.

A PA reinforces the skills and learning techniques in the different badge levels
of the CanSkate Program. Once the professional coach teaches the students a skill,
the coach moves onto another group while the PA takes over, supervising and assisting
the skaters to make sure they are accomplishing the skills they were taught.

The PAs do not assess or test the skaters. The professional coaches are the only ones
capable of testing the skaters.

Program Assistants are able to use their volunteer hours towards their high school
Community Service Hours which is a component of graduation. In order to be a Junior PA
(who will work under the guidance of a Senior PA), the skater must be at least 10 and
be on a Junior or Senior session. The skater must be 11 or older and have passed
the Preliminary Freeskate to be a Senior PA. The Head PA is a senior skater with at least
2 years of PA experience.

Thank you to all of the skaters who have volunteered.


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